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Louisiana’s Online Review of Digital Content 

2013-2014 Math and English Language Arts Instructional Materials Review
The Department of Education is facilitating an informal review of digital instructional materials and benchmark assessments for mathematics and English Language Arts October 2013 through April 2014.  
All submissions are welcome.  Priority will go to submissions representing the following areas: 
  • Mathematics full courses/curriculum,
  • English language arts:
1. Materials for whole class instruction and support (ex. text sets, grade-level texts, and accompanying instruction in writing and language speaking)
2. Materials for small group instruction (ex. Reading foundations, guided reading, guided writing)
3. Materials for independent reading programs,
  • K-12 ELA and mathematics benchmark assessments.
As reviews are completed, annotated results will be made available as curricular resources through the classroom toolbox on the LDOE website. 

Please access this guide to get started.